Invited Talks

Every few weeks, specialists from different technology aspects will be invited to give educational talks

to students to give inspirations and ideas.

Using the Right Tools for the Right Job

Leon Yip presented his path on being successful on his own company. Encouraging speech on the story of starting the company with his wife working hard together to the current successful stage.


Zubair Amjad from Universtiy of Washington shared his amazing experience of being the leader of the Tech Organization in UW.

Tech Term Decoded

Tuan and Clark from City University of Seattle gave an interesting speech on trending tech terms with specific scenarios. 


Leveraging AWS services and Python for Enterprise-Wide Change Mangement

David Kan from Amazon shared his amazing experience on how he succeeded being the Technical Program Manager. He also gave wonderful advice on the AWS services.

Making a Serverless Development Portfolio -In 7 Days

Fernando Medina Corey as a software engineer gave an interesting and practical talk on making a serverless development project within short time. 

How Angular Components Work Together

Scott McAllister from SmartSheet gave a great introduction to the Angular framework

AppEsteem PUA

Neil Comisioneru from AppEsteem give a talk about a new browser extension to prevent potentially unwanted application.

Laravel + Vue.js

Cali Castle from Very Very Spaceship gave a detailed introduction to Laravel & Vue.js.

Micro-service Architecture

John Jensen from Nintendo gave a brief introduction to the micro-service architecture.

Cybersecurity Business

Thomas Rochat from Avanade talked about his own experience from students to professions and how cybersecurity works in business.

Software Development Experience

Rahul Deshpande from Microsoft gave us a speech of his personal experience about becoming the professional SDE.


Pavel Tsurbeleu from Microsoft gave a talk on how to create your own toolbox to help you on the career path.

Software Development Life Ccyle and Hackathon

Lance Cho from Russell Investment gave a brief introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle and Clark Jason Ngo shared his experience during the Hackathon event.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Heegun Yang from CityU shared his knowledge of Cyber Threat Intelligence.

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